Corporate Wellness Programmes

Companies chose MyndServ’s Corporate Wellness Programmes to reduce absenteeism rates, reduce costs associated with sick leave, reduce staff turnover rates and develop a more resilient workforce.

MyndServ specialises in preventing mental health issues from developing in the workplace. We provide Corporate Wellness Programmes that are built around helping your company develop mentally resilient employees, training management and team leaders on how to spot issues arising in the workplace and giving your staff the coaching so that they can deal with issues such as stress without taking sick days and suffering a lack of productivity.

We deliver training for all employees, so they know how to best use the tools that we have developed for your company and we ensure that management and team leaders are given training in dealing with stress and other mental health issues among their employees early.

We can augment our programmes with physical wellness activities such as physiotherapy, personal fitness, yoga and massage services. We arrange for these activities to take place in your company’s office at a schedule that works for you.

MyndServ is not an EAP, although we can provide therapeutic interventions for your employees if desired. Most of our clients have existing relationships with EAP and we don’t interfere with this relationship. We focus on preventing mental health issues from manifesting in the workplace while reducing your costs associated with stress at works.

If therapeutic intervention is required for an employee, we can provide your HR department with a clear treatment roadmap, we can arrange a cost effective distance therapy solution that is convenient for your employee and ensure that both your HR department and your employee are fully supported throughout the process. We deliver this at a price point that works for you.

All of our deployments are completely turn-key and we work with your HR team to provide content and roadmaps for introducing our services to your employees and developing the quantitative metrics to allow the outcomes from our products to be incorporated into your KPIs.

If you want to discuss how we can develop a bespoke Wellness Programme for your company, call us on 01 524 1210 or use the form below and we will get in touch.

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