Depression is when you feel that you have no energy, you have no focus and are struggling to engage. Depression is a mental health condition, and one that effects how you live, work and feel. Depression can be managed and treated through counselling and therapy, and the earlier that you engage with treatment, the more effective the outcome. Depression is a very common condition and at any time, 10% of people are suffering from depression.

How we help you deal with Depression

You may have clinical depression if you have at least three of the following symptoms, for at least two weeks;
feelings of hopelessness and despair,

an inability to control your negative thoughts,


loss of appetite,

irritability and aggression.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
is a counselling technique that is evidence based and is effective helping people deal with depression. Counsellors teach clients how to use CBT to escape from their patten of negative thoughts and this results in an uplifted mood.

In addition to offering face-to-face therapy, all of our CBT therapists offer

Skype Therapy


Phone Therapy
This is where you engage with your therapist either through Skype or over the phone. This ensures that you get access to the best and most suitable counsellor (who may not work in your area) while also ensuring that therapy is convenient for you. You can schedule your sessions during the day or after work. Skype therapy is clinically proven to be as effective as face-to-face therapy and our counsellors are expert in its delivery.

We act as your advocate. We help you find the best face-to-face or Skype counsellor, at the best price and will organise appointments at times that suit you. We don’t charge you for our service and we only work with accredited and insured counsellors. All of our counsellors offer distance therapy options, so you can get the best counsellor for you without having the disruption of travelling to them.

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