Financial Stress

We hear a lot these days about the recession being over and whilst it is true to say we here in Ireland now have the fastest growing economy in Europe and unemployment looks like it is about to dip below 10% it does not feel like that for a lot of people.

So much depends on your individual circumstance whether you or our family have been impacted by job loss or by the burden of debt or the dreaded negative equity. It can almost be more frustrating to hear that the ‘good times are back’ when for you they still seem like a distant far off land. We don’t know what way to react… is the recession is really ‘over’ are the good times back? Are we missing out? Did it pass us by? Did something happen that we did not know about?

The key in these situations is to put things in perspective. There may indeed be some small pockets of good luck around the corner for you. If you have been avoiding dealing with your financial burdens over the past few years with a ‘sure isn’t everyone bust’ outlook then maybe this is the time to take a look at your financial situation. Maybe the negative equity is less for you now with the possibility of selling a house. Maybe now is the time for you to think about looking for a job or looking for a new job as there are definitely more opportunities out there.

As we say here at Myndserv is about how you handle your stress that makes the difference. Rather than seeing this new much vaunted optimism as a false dawn not to be believed takes a closer look there might just might be some light at the end of your tunnel. Good luck!

Iain Nash

MyndServ CEO