Health Insurance Stress

All of the talk recently about the changes to health insurance regime in Ireland has created huge amount of stress for those who are stuck firmly in the middle of the coping classes. Just as you might be beginning to feel like there is some good news coming in terms of pay increases, tax cuts or new job opportunities than the big health insurance bogeyman comes in and crashes the party.

None of the stress was helped by huge amounts of confusion and dis-information but it sure seemed like if you were under 34 and did not rush out immediately and buy an expensive health insurance policy then you and your loved ones were destined never to see the inside of a hospital ever again.

What if you were 35 38, 43 you name it. It made all of those who were forced to cancel policies during the recession feel really bad about themselves ‘how could I have been so stupid’ ‘now look we will never get cover’. This has caused a lot of un necessary stress.

It is not our role here to provide specific advice but it does allow us here at Myndserv to suggest, as we always do that you face your financial challenges head on. Nothing gets better if it is ignored. We also encourage you to talk to friends and family, get expert advice and see what practical steps you can take today that can help protect yourself and your family in the future.

Iain Nash

MyndServ CEO