Job Security

There is much talk in the media at the moment about the fall in unemployment and the increasing numbers of jobs being created. For many of us it often feels that these statistics and good news stories relate to some other ‘special’ group of people as we see little direct evidence in our daily lives. If it does relate to you then that is fantastic but for many of us these announcements are often a reminder of our own job insecurity and our lack of career planning.

The jobs we hear about in the media are usually in high tech industries and again serve as a worrying reminder that we might be in danger of being left behind. After years and years of clinging to our jobs for dear life many of us are now being forced to take a long hard look at our jobs and careers. Is my job secure? How is my company doing? Have I the skills I need for the workplace of the future? Could I get a new job if I wanted to? I need to earn more but can I what about pensions and other entitlements if I move? These are all very normal if not very stressful conversations we are starting to have with ourselves.

To be honest very few of yes actually plan our careers but at this stage as the economy seem to be on an uptick we being to wonder if we should be looking around, asking for a pay rise or retraining or moving on. That is so much easier said than done the devil you know is better than the one you don’t and all that. However it is a good idea to take stock, to look to see what the future career path might look like for you. We all have to be honest and while the opportunities may be abundant in your 30s once the latter half of the 40s creeps in we start to see clear evidence of ageism. Then as we hit 50 the dreaded ‘is this it’ kicks in and we begin to wonder where it all went wrong what happened to our dreams.

It is important to know that these are all normal feelings and the best thing to do is to recognise them and to see if there is something you can realistically do to future proof your career. Let’s face it we will all be working longer. Is this the time to set up on your own or with a friend or trusted work colleague? If your kids are grown up perhaps you can take an exciting new role overseas or maybe early retirement is the best option for you but you will really need to plan for that.

Like with everything having a few honest conversations with yourself and your loved ones, getting informed as to your options can mean you feel less helpless when all those youngsters start to take over the world.. Remember you were 25 once too!

Iain Nash

MyndServ CEO