Making Corporate Wellbeing Programmes Effective, a primer for HR professionals

If you want your Corporate Wellbeing Programme to be effective, then you must make sure that what has been taught to your employees is being practiced. Too often, companies will develop a Wellbeing Programme that has been built around on-site training but has little follow up apart from some handouts that were given to employees on the day. Sound familiar?

Effective corporate wellbeing programmes can lead to your employees becoming more resilient; reductions in absenteeism, sick days and improvements in productivity. However, this will only be achieved if the company’s staff start to practice what they have been preached.

If you are reviewing proposals for delivery of a Corporate Wellbeing Programme (or even if you are just reviewing your existing programme), you need to keep the following points in mind:

Is it simple?
Simple things get done. Complicated things don’t.

The message to your staff need to be clear, simple and focused. Have each team been told what are the relevant positive mental health techniques for them? Do they have easy access to refresher material? Do they know the signs of workplace stress?

If it is an effort or a challenge for your staff to do any of the above, then they won’t practice the techniques that the company has invested in, and the company won’t get the return on its investment. The practical aspects of your policy needs to be clear and simple if you want your staff to use them.

Is it embedded?
Mandatory things get done. Optional things don’t.
Have you embedded practices from your Corporate Wellbeing Programme into your HR processes and procedures? Do your managers have easy access to warning signs, symptoms and the clear steps that need to be taken when issues around absenteeism, reduced performance and spikes in sick leave arise?

If you embed what your Corporate Wellbeing Programme recommends you do into your normal, everyday processes then your employees will on act on it and you’ll get the benefits of bringing in a Corporate Wellbeing Programme.

Are you measuring?
Do you know how to quantify the impact of your programme? Have you got clear and objective KPIs that are tied in directly to the goals of your programme?
If you aren’t measuring the effectiveness of your programme, you won’t know what elements are working and what needs to be improved. You also won’t be able to report on the effectiveness of the spend or make a case for more budget for training in the future. 

MyndServ specialises in preventing mental health issues from developing in the workplace. We provide Corporate Wellbeing Programmes that are built around helping your company develop mentally resilient employees, training management and team leaders on how to spot issues arising in the workplace and giving your staff the coaching so that they can deal with issues such as stress without taking sick days and suffering a lack of productivity.

All of our deployments are completely turn-key and we work with you to provide content and roadmaps for introducing our services to your employees and developing the quantitative metrics to allow the outcomes from our products to be incorporated into your KPIs.

Iain Nash

MyndServ CEO