MyndServ launches new programme to help Irish GPs book appointments for their patients

MyndServ, Ireland’s leading innovative mental health provider, has launched a new free programme for GPs looking to arrange private counselling or therapy for their patients. GPs wishing to use this new service, should discuss this therapy option with patients, seek their permission to forward their details and can then can refer patients simply by phone, fax, post, or contacting MyndServ online.

We will contact the patient within 6 hours with a range of appropriate therapy options and will make the booking for the patient. MyndServ have developed this programme in conjunction with Martin Rogan, an expert in mental health policy.

Dr John O’Keefe from Morehampton Clinic in Donnybrook, Dublin 4 has the following to say about the MyndServ programme:

“I have found MyndServ very useful, especially for patients who aren’t local. I trust the service, and it saves me all the effort of finding a therapist. I also appreciate that I am informed when an appointment is made”.

MyndServ offers patients access to the leading distance therapists in Ireland. Our team have extensive experience in treating patients remotely, over the phone or with a video platform such as Skype. Distance therapy is a safe, effective and secure way for people to get access to experienced and effective therapists without having to travel repeatedly to appointments.

Distance therapy is also a very convenient form of therapy as the patient doesn’t have to commute to their therapist, and instead can engage with their therapist in a trusted and comfortable location. This service is discreet and convenient and fits well with modern lifestyles. Patients are very comfortable with the technology and can focus on their issues rather than logistics of appointments.

Martin Rogan, who co-designed the programme with MyndServ said:

“MyndServ offers a refreshing new model of therapy, offering high quality therapy, independent of location and delivered at a time that best suits the Patient”.

MyndServ works with expert therapists who are accredited to recognised counselling, psychotherapy or psychology bodies. All therapists are insured and in good standing with their professional organisations and accreditation bodies.

GPs who want to use the service or learn more about this programme can visit, email, fax 01 685 4464 or call 01 524 1210.

MyndServ’s CEO Iain Nash said:

“MyndServ has always worked to help patients find access to affordable and effective mental health services. We know the struggle that people go through when trying to find the right therapist and we know that GPs also can struggle with helping their patients get access to effective therapists. We handle all aspects of the referral; we find a panel of suitable therapists, we arrange the appointment and we are there to help the patient at all stages of their therapeutic journey. We do all this with no charge for either the GP or patient”

Iain Nash

MyndServ CEO