Pension Stress

If the recent health insurance scare wasn’t bad enough it does also raise the issue most of us definitely prefer to ignore and that is pensions. There is hardly a person in the country who does not wish they knew more about pensions, pension entitlements, tax aspects of pensions, private pensions you name it.

Talk about short term pain for long term gain and this at a time when most people could not afford any more short term pain. However with the economy hopefully improving for you may this is the time to take a look at securing a pension for yourself. Here at MyndServ we know that financial security later in life is a big worry and a huge cause of stress and most of our older clients really do wish they could turn the clock back.

You know the ad that ran recently ‘dear 30 year old me’. Well guess what.. the ad is right and if you could give advice to all the 30 year olds you would say at least get yourself informed about pensions even if you can’t do anything much about it at this time. Knowing what your options are and even making some small contributions will help give you a sense of power and control over your future and help remove the feeling of hopeless many of us feel as we strive to get to the end of each month.

All of the advice we offer on stress management tells us not to ignore a problem to face the challenge head on and to at least make conscious decisions. Get good advice, start small and you will thank yourself in years to come.

Iain Nash

MyndServ CEO