The Stress of ‘Facebook Envy’

Quite a few of our clients have mentioned the issue of ‘Facebook envy’ the feeling that one’s own life is dull and boring in comparison to the glamour and excitement of the lives we see each day on a Facebook feeds. What seems to bother some of us is the sense that those posting these perfect pictures must know they are hurting others but do they?

Others are convinced these ‘happy’ face bookers are actually masking really miserable lives. At Myndserv we teach some basic tools for dealing with stressors in your life and if Facebook is one either because you are addicted to it or it upsets you then one simple tool beloved of many a celebrity is to simply give it up… it is possible to simply give up Facebook say for a week or a month. It will still be there when you get back if you decide you can’t live without it but think of all those days where you won’t feel your blood pressure rise or your stress levels kick in.

That said being upset by picture on Facebook or feeling jealous or envious is probably a deeper rooted problem and while quitting Facebook for a while will help it will also help to take some time to figure out why you feel so jealous or hard done by. As we say here the problem won’t go away by itself; think about it, talk about it, maybe even get some help but if you aren’t happy then you should do something about it and talking to a professional is a good first step.

Iain Nash

MyndServ CEO