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  • Our courses, coaches and therapists can help you take control of your life

Our four week stress management course can help you quickly take control of your life back and beat these issues

We have developed a trusted, proven and cost effective course that can delivers transformational, life changing results for you.

Our courses are delivered to you, when it suits you. Your coach will call or Skype you at a time that works for you.

The course is delivered over a secure, online platform so you can fit the course around your life.


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MyndServ makes it simple and hassle-free to arrange effective and affordable counselling.

We believe that therapy should be simple, built around your needs and be provided by experienced and professional counsellors and therapists.

Whether you are looking for therapy for yourself or your employees we can deliver this to you in a highly cost effective manner.

All of our therapists and counsellors are fully accredited to internationally recognised associations and are experienced in delivering therapy.

We specialise in delivering distance therapy (where the therapist and client communicate via telephone or video) at times that suit the client.

To support you, we have developed a secure and private online platform, complete with evidence based tools and resources to help you get the most out of your therapy.

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